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Single Product FOB Panel


1 Product Cooler Panel – Core Components FOB.


Dedicated Regulator FOB Panels

Allows for a simple way to route beer lines,while maintaining a uniform installation within
your walk-in coolerPanels come standard with NSF approved FOB, which prevents beer loss
FOB has a protective strainer along with a vent rinse manifold for easy maintenance
Includes tamper-proof, industry leading regulator,
anodized with custom british racing green
Manifold is designed to allow repair or replacement
of the regulator body in the field with ease
Panels are pre-drilled and made up of NSF approved material,
starlite board, that can be sealed directly to cooler wall
Significantly less pressure drop compared to the
competition means less foam and more profit
Each Regulator Panel includes air hose, beer connector(s),
nuts, tailpieces, washers, and hose clamps




Spec Sheet

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