Nitrogen Infusion Kit


Nitrogen Infusion Kit on Panel w/ McDantim Low Pressure Secondary Regulator, Liquid Inlet Filter & Ball Lock Connectors for Cornelius Keg. Not Included: Primary N2 Regulator, Cornelius Keg(s), Tower or Faucets


• Consistent in-line nitrogen infusion.
Designed for coee, tea, cocktails & more.
• Serve still & nitro pours from a single keg.
No waiting, shaking kegs or guesswork to get incredible nitro.
• Intelligent design only infuses while dispensing.
Prevents oversaturation.
Minimizes gas consumption.
Ensures consistent performance.
• Make it your own.
Adjust nitrogen infusion level with the turn of a knob.
• Extends product shelf life.
Nitrogen displaces air, limiting oxidation.
• Simple installation: Mount, Connect, Adjust, Pour.
No electricity required.
Compact design fits in walk-in coolers & direct draw boxes.
Works w/ long-draw, direct-draw & through-the-wall systems.


Spec Sheet

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