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Double Blend Blender


McDantim Double-Blend Gas Blender. All Gas Blends Are Customizable.


Our Trumix® blenders mix CO2 and N2 on demand and are best used for long draw draft systems. The Trumix® Double blender comes preset with your custom blends to best fit your system. The panel mounts easily on the wall, and is simple to install. With the Trumix® Double HP blender, customization of the blends give you endless options and the flexibility to expand your draft beer selection. You could include low CO2 content nitrogenated beers, high CO2 content German Style beers, and domestic drafts on one system without the need for additional premixed cylinders.

Not sure of which blends you need? Download the McDantim EasyBlend app, available on Android and iOS.


  • Upgraded metal body inlet regulators to increase durability and safety

  • Easy installation.

  • No electrical set-up required.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

  • Custom Blends: Each blender is built to order to suit your needs.

  • Does not operate if either supply gas fails or becomes empty.

  • Optional Plug & Play In-Line Leak Indicator package


Installation Instructions

Dimensional Drawing


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