Carbonate with CO2,
Use Nitrogen for Everything Else!

Nitrogen for Utility Purposes

The recent CO2 shortage is showing how beneficial nitrogen use can be for utility purposes. Instead of using CO2, which is costly and limited, why not use nitrogen, which can be produced on demand and on site! Reduce your CO2 usage by over 50%.

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Modular Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator.
On-site production guarantees substantial savings on gas.
Nitrogen output can be easily increased on site by the customer via add-on modules.
The Nitro Swing grows with your business. Save capital upfront and add modules as you grow.

Compared to non-modular systems, The Nitro Swing is:

Less Cost Upfront
Because you can add modules at any time, the Nitro Swing allows you to specify only what you believe
you need today, gauge usage, and then add more production only if necessary. Specifying a non-
modular system that contemplates any sort of growth can get very costly up front.

More Flexible
Scheduling the installation of an additional generator or replacement generator can be a hassle and is
not an efficient use of money or time. With the flexibility of the Nitro Swing, the customer can add on
modules whenever they need them – without any installation fees!
Less Stressful
Business owners, especially those starting a brewery, already have a ton on their plate. Predicting
nitrogen usage well into the future shouldn’t have to be one of them. Simply calculate your current
needs and add modules if/when you need them!
Less Wasteful
A system that meets your needs today, may not meet your needs tomorrow. Upgrading could mean
tearing out the old generator, or at the very least, adding on another generator. It doesn’t take a
scientist to determine that two duplicate systems (with duplicate controls, etc.) is more wasteful than
adding modules to meet your needs using a single, shared control system.

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