Nitrogenate, Prevent Paneling,
Protect Your Product, Reduce Oxygen

Nitrogen Dosing

Chart’s liquid nitrogen dosing systems nitrogenate packaged craft beer and cold brew coffee. Pre fill, these systems can efficiently purge empty bottles or cans of nearly all oxygen for an extended shelf life. Post fill, the dosing system can obtain a perfect pour with cascading effects from the release of nitrogen bubbles.

Reducing Waste & Cost
One Drop at a Time

One part of liquid nitrogen (LN2) warms and expands into 700 parts of gaseous nitrogen at ambient temperature. Chart’s automated dosers dispense a precisely measured dose of LN2 into each container prior to sealing. The trapped LN2 vaporizes, creating pressure, and adding rigidity to the container – allowing for a thinner container wall.

Ditch the widget!

A widget is used to create the same effect when the can is opened as when it’s poured from a nitro tap. Nitrogen is released, and it agitates the beverage. Chart’s liquid nitrogen doser nitrogenates your RTD (that means beer too) product without the need for the widget! Looking to serve a nitro beer on tap? Check out our CellarStream, which can take a naturally carbonated beer and transform it into a nitro product. Wanting to fill nitro kegs? Our Slow Dance and Gassing Panels are the perfect products to accomplish that.

LN2 Dosing Video

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